Residents are reminded to think about their water use as we head into another hot, dry weekend.

Tauranga City Council said the Tauranga water supply was under pressure with high demand and was being monitored closely.

If water use continued to increase a sprinkler ban was likely.

Tauranga city waters manager Steve Burton said everyone could do their bit to conserve water.


"There are simple ways to save water while still taking good care of gardens.

"If you water your garden, do it in the cooler hours of the day to make every drop count. Use a hose rather than sprinklers and use a broom instead of hose when cleaning down outdoor surfaces," he said.

Other water saving tips

• Fix any drips and leaks in your household – contact the council's Waterline team for free advice on how to be more water efficient around the home
• Mulch your garden to keep moisture in
• Turn off the tap when shaving or brushing your teeth
• Take shorter showers

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