What has the council done with the surfer, with board, that was an icon of the Phoenix carpark?

Everyone loved that statue, and visitors were constantly taking photos of themselves with what was an icon of the Mount.

He represented what the Mount was famous for, surfing a good wave.

To my knowledge we do not have an over abundance of artworks at the Mount, and I think he was our only statue.


So where has he gone, and can we please have him reinstated in the Phoenix carpark?

Perhaps they could paint some lines on the concrete and reinstate the carpark at the same time.

Christine Treacher
Mount Maunganui

Hot and cold

Once again the media is awash with claims of the hottest temperatures ever in the country.

Yet in November and December when Russia, much of Europe and the United States suffered extremely cold conditions, that caused some scientists to suggest the beginning of another Ice Age, there was scarcely a mention in the media.

Bryan Johnson

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