Oh wow. The Tauranga City Council has finally discovered what has been obvious to lay people for years - that Turret Rd could be three-laned in a "tidal-flow" situation (Local News, December 7).

Now just pull finger and do it without spending the next few years and zillions of dollars on why you can't.

The old bridge would surely support a cycle pedestrian path or even just build one of the (relatively) inexpensive suspension bridges we see on walking/bike tracks throughout the country. Forget a clip-on idea.

As for the pohutukawa trees, for goodness sake, cut them down and plant three more for every one that is cut.


Stop being so PC and show us ratepayers that you can actually make things happen instead of just talking about it.

Bruce Ingram

Solar power

I read that California has just decided that all new homes must have solar panels.

Thank goodness we don't have such attempts to save the planet here in NZ.

We don't want to upset "Big Electricity" do we?

Maurice Mckeown

Two-lane bridge

Let's start the ball rolling now to do the job properly and build another two-lane bridge to sit beside the existing two-lane at Hairini St, and four-lane all the way to Cameron Rd, and put in proper cycleways (Local News, December 7).

Tauranga City Council should spend the money now to do the job properly. It will never be cheaper than today. How much money is currently wasted on fuel alone by everyone sitting in traffic for an extra 45 minutes per day? People, this is coming out of our pockets now.


Come on, council – add to the good work being done on the flyovers at the Mount – let's make Tauranga move again. (Abridged)

Bruce Buchanan

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