Monday's report (Local News, November 26) that 60 drivers were nabbed using their phones while driving doesn't surprise me at all.

I have witnessed it first-hand many, many times. But it does make me question the ethics of our petrol companies, one in particular, for their vigorous promotion of takeaway coffees.

I would think that trying to drink a hot latte without spilling it on your tie or skirt would be just as much of a distraction as taking a phone call.

Andrew Lattimore
Mount Maunganui


Plastic packaging

I went for a walk today with the dog. I looked at the glass recycle bins in our area. Almost all the contents were wine or beer bottles plus a few pop containers.

I have no issue with the alcohol consumption of my neighbours. It does suggest however that almost all the food they were consuming was supplied in some form of plastic packaging.

If we want to save the world from plastic disaster I suggest we buy as much of our food in glass containers as possible.

We get our milk in glass bottles from a real milk farm. It can be done. Just think outside the plastic bag square, which is a very poor way to assuage our guilt.

Maurice Mckeown
Welcome Bay

Not that Alan

A letter to the editor in the Bay of Plenty Times Weekend, Saturday, December 1, under the heading "Reducing carnage" was written by Alan Reynolds of Pyes Pa.

I wish to make it known that I am not that Alan Reynolds and do not concur with all he has written.

Alan R Reynolds

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