On Monday I took the opportunity to visit Memorial Park to view, and pay my respects, to the 109 white crosses representing the local soldiers lost in World War 1.

These soldiers lost their lives fighting for "us" on the other side of the world and I can only assume that none of their bodies were returned to their loved ones back here in New Zealand.

In contrast the Government is now going to spend $36m recovering 29 bodies from the Pike River Mine.

Imagine what that $36m could do to help saving lives if it was spent on SH2.

Andrew Lattimore
Mount Maunganui


Support council on beggars decision

The Tauranga City Council has worked tirelessly for the past two years trying to resolve a controversial and difficult humanitarian issue.

In my opinion they deserve accolades and applause from all Tauranga citizens.

In our social welfare society there should be no need for anyone to beg.

All beggars are entitled to a benefit and council employees have been working to help these beggars to claim that benefit.

Many of the beggars we see are scammers who waste their money on bad habits like drugs and alcohol.

Often these people choose to be in the situation they are in rather than to accept offers of rehabilitation.

There are real homeless people in our communities who are desperate for homes and there are agencies working hard to find accommodation for them.

These agencies are the people that should be receiving support from us - the public.


By denying the beggars access to our small change through a bylaw, and instead supporting the organisations looking after genuine needy people, we can all benefit.

Alan Paterson