Name: Kati Ludwig
Job title: Healing facilitator, registered psychologist, life coach, yoga teacher
Company: Kati Ludwig coaching, counselling and therapy. Mind your Karma Retreat and Self Development Centre

What does your job involve?

In my role as a healing facilitator I wear many hats. Working as a psychologist and life coach in private practice, I guide people through anxiety, depression, trauma and other challenging life experiences to find their way back into living a meaningful life at ease. As a yoga teacher I help people to reconnect with their bodies and to find balance between body, mind and soul.

Working in many different roles, my main focus is helping people to navigate themselves through the small and big question marks of their lives to acknowledge and embody their true purpose.


Why did you get into this profession?
Since being a child I've been very curious about life and human nature. I have a natural gift to sense people's energy and to read in between the lines. I've always been fascinated by people's needs, motivations, feelings, and heartfelt wishes. I love connecting on a deep level and to explore what lies beyond the surface. My inquisitive nature has kept me asking these questions about my own life path and this is an ongoing, exciting journey. A journey that brought me from Germany to New Zealand four years ago.

What do you like about your job the most?
I love connecting with people in a deep, profound and empowering way. I love seeing them having lightbulb moments as their eyes start radiating, their bodies open up and their energy rises. It's the powerful moment when creativity enters the flow of life and we realise we are the creators of our own lives. It is the moment of slowing down and taking
time to re-evaluate our lives. This is beautiful to witness.

What training/experience have you had to prepare for your role?
I've studied psychology in Berlin. I also underwent trainings for systemic counselling and life coaching next to studying psychology. I'm also trained in reiki and other body and mindfulness focused approaches including shiatsu and hakomi.

What's the most challenging aspect of your role?
Keeping the balance in my life and staying centred is an ongoing challenge. I can get very excited about new projects and ideas and at times it can be difficult to chose from all those beautiful opportunities. Another important aspect is practising acceptance, humbleness and gratitude for everyone being on their own journey. It can be very liberating to acknowledge the limits and boundaries of my role and to honour the other person's journey with all its ups and downs.

What's your proudest work moment?
Seeing another person growing, thriving and transforming through a process we are going through together. Seeing them taking their own steps and stepping into true empowerment as they learn to navigate themselves through the landscapes of their souls. This is when I'm being reminded on the beauty of life.

What's the best career advice you've received?
To allow myself to make mistakes and to be receptive for the things to come. Mistakes bring us closer to ourselves and help us realise who we are in our hearts and souls.

What's the most important thing your current role has taught you?
Acceptance, humbleness and gratitude for what is, rather than what we think needs to be.

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