Dead goats are where it's at I reckon.

Last year for the Halloween Trick or Treat Trail at Fraser Cover Shopping Centre I dressed as a dead goat. This year I did exactly the same.

It's not laziness, it's consistency. Not to mention sustainability.


I'm thinking of retiring the goat costume though. Just like Michael Jordan, Pete Sampras and Irene Van Dyk, I want it to go out while it's on top.

Said goat getup originally came from a stag do I went on where all of the guys there were dressed as bloodied dead goats.

I learned after its first outing that I'd need to wear a couple of pairs of undies, as it stuck to me in the way only polyester-blend in the heat can stick to a sweaty gentleman.

The thing that really sticks with me after I attended this event and posted these photos is that someone commented that I have a degree and maybe I should be getting the interns to do this kind of thing.

Photo / Supplied
Photo / Supplied

Screw the interns. Why should they have all the fun?

I've worked in radio all my working life. Haven't I earned the right to dress up like a goose (goat) and be centre of attention for a second while doing so, if I so choose?

There is a dangerous thing happening in New Zealand right now I reckon.

That of the person in the limelight getting increasingly ahead of themselves in how much value they have in the public's/stranger's lives. Therefore some of those people are placing a massive importance on their 'needs' rather than delivering their best work.

In 'the public eye' is a phrase that I loathe with gusto because of its pretentious connotations. I like being in the public eye. I like to perform. I like to get a laugh, change an opinion, help out, or at the very least make someone feel something — even if that thing is to change the radio channel because of my uninformed blathering.

Photo / Supplied
Photo / Supplied

My problem is the people who feel like they are too good to go to the school gala and spin the meat raffle wheel, the charity quiz and auction evening, or the local kids rugby finals day. Isn't that the point of being in the public eye? That you actually interact with the public and figure out what real people are doing in their real lives, while also sharing what you're doing in yours?

Surely that would be more fulfilling than unboxing candles on Instagram?

This isn't just for me, it's for anyone, in any industry, on any level of employment/salary ladder, no matter how deep they are in to their career/fame: Wear the damn goat costume once in a while!

• Will Johnston is the local 9am-3pm host for The Hits Bay of Plenty 95FM. He's also a celebrant and MC.