It's not so much if you've ever thought of this, it's more how many times a week you think of it ... just quitting it all and moving to a tropical island with your family and starting a new life totally out of the rat race.

My friends Rob and Nat and their two very young children just did that in September.

They sold the business, rented out the house, said goodbye to family and friends and put their stuff in storage or gave it to people to use.

Which is why I'm now the proud caregiver of a sweet Weber barbecue.


Not that I'm stoked my friends aren't around to hang with, but I will be having some sweet barbecue feeds at mine this summer because they're gone!

Why did they do it?

Cos, why not?!

I'm super proud of them for making a tough call.

Think of your life here. Think how comfortable it really is, how well you know this place, your family and friends here, even just living in a country where you know how everything works and where to get food and water from easily.

Now think about moving to Vava'u. A small group of islands way up in the northeast of the Kingdom of Tonga. Population of that little part of Tonga is about 14,000 people, spread out over lots of tiny islands. Two toddlers in tow. A place to stay for a few months organised, but outside of that you're just winging it!

Oh and they were all horrendously sick from a bug they picked up in New Zealand a day or so before they left!

What a test of a relationship, a family and a will to try something new and not be so confined to a 9 to 5 life.

But also what a beautiful opportunity to raise your children (even for a little while) on sandy beaches, among a people who thrive on a simpler life, appreciate sun on their backs, food to eat and people to love.

I'm so stoked for your adventure and chilled life. And OMG think of the tan.

Will Johnston is host of The Hits 95FM Day Show. Live and local from 9am-3pm, every weekday in the Bay of Plenty.