With a film about to be released, new music coming out and an up-coming birthday American R&B superstar Trey Songz has plenty to celebrate in coming weeks - and he's likely to start the celebrations early when he comes to Tauranga next month.

The Grammy-nominated artist who is one of the biggest names in R&B today has added international tour to his already full schedule, including a three-date New Zealand tour starting in Auckland on November 3, before heading to Tauranga on November 6 and Wellington on November 7.

It will be his first time in New Zealand and he Can't Help But Wait to get here - especially after hearing the Kiwi accents and being on the receiving end of grateful messages from fans.

"I'm just sorry it took so long," the singer, more commonly known as Trey, says.


"Firsts are always exciting and my fans been hitting me up on my Twitter, on my IG you know, telling me how excited that they are about me coming, so that's definitely getting me even more excited about it."

Until then however, Trey is focusing on his movie Blood Brother, which opens on November 30, has released a new track called How Dat Sound featuring Yo Gotti and 2 Chainz, which also features on the trailer of his new film, and is likely to drop even more music before he arrives into the country.

"There's probably most likely going to be more music to come before I even touch down out there because I'm just in a good, you know, music-giving mood right now.

"I have a movie entitled blood brother coming out November 30th, which is actually two days after my birthday so I'm very excited about that.

"What's crazy is I'll be in New Zealand for a good amount of time in November, so I'll be celebrating my birthday early."

His new song is produced by Yonni, who also produced Say Aah, which is one of Trey's big hits from early on in his career, so he was "happy he and I got to link back up".

"With this song I just wanted to come with a different energy ... a record that was high octane, just full of gas, full of energy you know, good in the clubs, good for the ladies to sing and dance to and like I said, there's so much more music coming that will paint a vivid picture and a great story."

And there will definitely be plenty of energy when Trey hits the stage at Mount Maunganui's ASB Arena next month.

"We're going to have fun for sure. Old [music], new, we're going to figure it out. I'm gonna see what my fans want to get from me and I'ma make sure I give it to them."

Although he doesn't have any expectations from his Tauranga and New Zealand audiences, he does want fans to have fun, turn up and sing along - particularly to Heart Attack, a record he describes as the perfect blend of emotion and tempo.

"You could dance to this song but it's sad, you know what I mean, and it's a song that's about breaking up but not breaking up, it's a song that still has hope ... and then when you just cry out at that chorus ... I just love when that crowd sings that part back."

But when it comes to pulling female audience members up on stage during his performance as he is known to do, Trey says there' are "no guarantees".

No matter what though, Trey, who has worked with worked some of the world's biggest names such as Aretha Franklin, Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, Nicki Minaj, Drake and Diddy to name a few, says Kiwi fans will enjoy themselves and he hopes to see as much of New Zealand as he can.

"I defintely want to see as much of the town as I can and I'm welcoming anybody that wants to help me, any tour guides, anybody that knows what I would like to see in the city."

About Trey Songz:

He is known as Tremaine, Trey and Trigga but most people call him Trey.
The name Trigga correlates with being a Jigga (Jay Z) fan and his basketball shooting.
His collaboration with the late Queen of Soul Miss Aretha Franklin was his most special.
That collaboration was called Gotta Make It and involves her giving him words of encouragement, which "meant the world to me and always will".
He is determined and never had a fallback plan if his music career didn't take off.
He's never played rugby but knows the sport, describing it as "hardcore" and "interesting to watch".
He works out, creates music or plays his favourite sport - basketball - to deal with stress.
Before he goes on stage he prays with his team to thank God for the opportunities given to them.
There is no one place he would want to be forever but among his favourite places are South Africa, Japan and the south of France.
He likes to bowl.
He used to cut hair.