Two pet alpacas and a llama were mauled to death by two roaming dogs in Tauranga, devastating their owners.

Shirley Clayton, who owns a lifestyle block on Nature Place at Barkes Corner with her husband Wayne, has lost pets to two separate dog attacks in the past two weeks.

Clayton said on September 23 that their pet llama Larry and alpaca Wally were savaged by two dogs and one of their sheep also drowned after it was chased into the nearby river.

Their neighbours, who live in Marshall Ave, also lost three sheep that night, one of which also drowned.


"If that wasn't bad enough, it seems the same dogs have come back and viciously mauled our second alpaca Eva about 12.20am yesterday," Clayton said.

"They must be pretty big and aggressive as our two boys [Larry and Wally] were really good kickers and the dogs probably got some injuries during the attacks.

"It's a horrendous loss for our whole family and so heartbreaking as these animals were our pets. Our children are absolutely devastated."

Clayton said she could not face going into the paddock after losing Eva when her neighbour came to tell them about what he discovered.

She said the CCTV footage captured on Monday showed the two dogs chasing Eva up and down her paddock before bringing the animal down.

A bait trap was set after the first set attacks but the dogs ignored it.

"Someone must have noticed their dogs coming home covered in blood and probably with some injuries as well," she said.

"I dread what might happen next if the dogs are not located, as we still have four sheep and have had to move them closer to the house for safety," she said.

Brent Lincoln, Tauranga City Council's animal services team leader, said he wanted to hear from anyone with information about these attacks or who had seen any roaming dogs in the area.

One of the suspect dogs was a tan-coloured, short-haired, medium-sized dog, he said.
The other dog could not be seen clearly on the CCTV footage.

Lincoln said it was likely the attacks were linked.

DNA swabs had been taken to be compared with existing samples of dogs they suspect might be involved.

Traps had been set in the area, and the council's animal control wardens had also been patrolling in and around the area, he said.