Route K praise

The Tauranga City Council is to be congratulated on putting Route K (Takitimu Drive) in which it did.

It was the right move at the right time. Cambridge Road is a link road from Highway 29 to Bethlehem.

It is a slow winding narrow road with a speed limit of 60km/h.

Now think ahead to the next 30 years and extend Redwood Land to connect to the Bethlehem Bypass.


It needs to be four-laned and would be more direct for trucks to Mount Maunganui.

It could follow the river most of the way. Access to the river could be maintained with underpasses.

V Brazier

Rotten Teeth

Regarding the story about children with rotten teeth (BOP Times, October 5) I believe the blame undoubtedly lies with our private dental practitioners.

My last trip to the dentist cost me $500 for a 24-minute appointment. One X-ray, one injection, two teeth pulled.

How on earth can a family with young children, student loan repayments, rent/mortgages afford these outrageous charges?

It's time for the government to stomp on these profiteers.

Andrew Lattimore
Mount Maunganui


Teachng Maori language

David Medhurst (Letters, October 4), in my opinion, is seriously confused when he writes that Maori language should be taught at home because that is what Sir Apirana Ngata said.

Sir Apirana made that comment 100 years ago when most Maori homes had people who could speak fluent Maori.

That no longer applies.

The Treaty of Waitangi now legally requires the government to properly support the Maori language, and the cost of this is not the vast amount that David claims.

It is simply part of the Treaty deal that Maori made when they agreed to allow Britain to govern New Zealand.

Peter Dey
Welcome Bay