Time to protest at parliament

The people of the Western Bay care about where they live, and they want the basic human requirements that make for their area, for example, good schools for their children, good community facilities like libraries and good shops, sports facilities and clean water, and they don't expect what is unreasonable.

But what they know is fundamental to living are decent, safe roads.

Not asking much, but because Western Bay has two state highways connecting their local communities, as well as to other centres, we are reliant on the NZ Transport Agency, and that means relying on ministers and central government.

Then when we do the planning, build houses to meet people's needs and the government is pleased with what we are doing, then how could this government not let the Northern Access go ahead?


Property purchase complete, hearings completed, community committed and then new government puts it all under review and heaven knows when any decision will be made.

We will not accept such arrogant and costly neglect from a government that says it cares.

Frightening to think we have to live with what is, in my opinion, gross incompetence.

Time to hire buses and take our anger to Parliament. Who cares — we do.

Cr Margaret Murray-Benge
Chairman of the Road Safety Committee

First rate hospital care

Last week my wife needed surgery and, from the moment we arrived to the moment we left, the level of attentiveness, support and care from everyone we encountered at Tauranga Hospital was absolutely first rate.

Special thanks to the nurse in recovery who forwent her lunch to remain at my wife's side during a difficult time and see her to her room and to all the nurses, doctors and tea ladies from Ward 3C who helped get her back to her laughing self.

Everyone was so overworked and extremely busy however that did not stop them doing a brilliant job. Thank you so very very much.

J Overwater
Mount Maunganui

Glass collection will benefit alcoholics

I note that our latest rates assessment includes a fee of $26 for the flash new glass collection system.

As this system is not scheduled to commence until October, why are we being levied for this fee already?

I also note the rates period is from 1st July to 30th August. Is this $26 just for the remaining nine months of the current rating year, meaning the actual annual fee will possibly be $34.70 or more?

On the positive side, the people who have not been able get to the bottle depots, ie all of Tauranga's alcoholics who have had their drivers licences revoked, will finally be able to dispose of all their empties in an appropriate manner.

Alfred Weston