You might've heard people say stuff about them/you "living your best life".

It's a ridiculously simple phrase to apply to basically any meme on Instagram, or any situation when you see someone doing something awesome (or sarcastically if they fail at something). Turns out, if I'm honest, that's literally what I've been trying to do for years.

We all have really, right? No one wakes up most days and goes: "ya know what, I'm going to live my WORST life today and strive to do the opposite of what I want/like to do".

We all have our tough and down days. God knows I've had my fair share over the last few years especially. I'm a "creative" type, which apparently means I overthink and get caught up in emotions way more than some others. Yay (where's that 'sarcasm' font?).


But being a creative also means that I'm more willing to just say 'yes' sometimes and end up in a situation that I didn't expect to be in and maybe do something that I've never done before. Because, why not?

That's how I ended up on Pukekohe Park Raceway on Saturday in a 1989 Mazda MX5 convertible having my first go at a race-like situation on an open track day.

It was truly some of the most fun I've had, in terms of being on the limit of control, in a long time. Initially I was just stoked I fitted in it. At 6ft 4in, I quickly found it's not a car built for those with the baby giraffe body type.

I spun it twice. I blame my restricted steering movement because my knees were keeping my ears company.

But even messing it up and not getting the corners right and losing my nerve at top speed down the back straight made it such an exhilarating time.

In two weeks' time I'm going to be in my very first motor race ... the Lemonheads 24-Hour Race at Hampton Downs. Two 12-hour race sessions, teams of six (so there's plenty of driver changes) and a goal of 'if the car actually makes it to end of the race then it'll be a bleeding miracle mate'!

What could possibly go wrong? At least I've got my car model pose totally down.

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