India Today has been satisfying customers in Tauranga for 10 years.

The website alludes to the pungent aromas of Northern India cuisine that will instantly arouse your taste buds when you walk through the door, and I have to say, I agree.

And it's not just the wonderful aromas, but also the warmth of the restaurant. Having carpet and a lovely Indian silk canopy gave it an intimate atmosphere for relaxed dining.
The menu is incredibly comprehensive.

There are more than 15 entrees that cater for both gluten-free and vegetarian tastes, along with shared and banquet plates. You are spoilt for choice. Salads are available along with the usual naan and roti breads. There is also a tasty Potato Kulcha, which is naan bread stuffed with potato and peas. Yummy.


When you get to the mains, the going really does get tough! So many wonderful dishes, from vegetarian to meat and seafood. All the dishes are available in mild, medium and hot and are served with basmati rice.

To finish your India Today experience, there is a selection of wonderful desserts.

The buzz

We dined early on a Friday evening and it was busy, with a large party soaking up the atmosphere and food in the separate function room. This room can cater for up to 50, and in the summer opens up to an outside courtyard.

I'll have

For an entree I chose the mixed Pakora, thinly sliced potatoes, onion, silverbeet and cauliflower, mixed in a chickpea batter and flash fried. For $7.99 these were incredibly delicious and very good value. These came with a tasty dipping sauce.

For main The Chef's Special caught my eye. Roasted beef cooked with cumin, ginger, garlic and coriander, finished with Indian Whiskey. What surprised me about the dish, apart from the exquisite taste, was the size of the meal. A generous serving and for $21.99 has to be one of the best priced main dishes in town. Would I have it again? You bet!

She'll have


After much deliberation she chose the Desi Fish for her entree - fresh fish marinated with garlic and chickpea batter. A very generous portion arrived with a creamy dipping sauce. Good value for $12.99. She said the fish was delicious.

For the main she opted for her favourite, Chicken Korma, $19.99. Tender pieces of chicken cooked in a cashew nut and yoghurt sauce, garnished with cashew nuts. It arrived with rice and garlic naan bread with side dishes of mango chutney and raita. The portion was generous and tasted as good as it looked. She struggled to finish but the friendly staff offered to package what was left for us to take home.

To drink

What struck me about the beverage menu was the price. Bottled beers from between $7 and $8, including Kingfisher, and the wine selection from around $8 to $11 a glass.

I chose a glass of Angus the Bull Cab Sac at $10 a glass and she went for the Mt Difficulty Pinot Gris. It's certainly very good value for money.

The verdict

If you are looking for a relaxing, affordable night out on The Strand in Tauranga and Indian food is what you fancy, then India Today is definitely worth a visit. It ticks all the boxes, from friendly staff to tasty dishes. If you are having a night in, Delivereasy will deliver right to your doorstep.