Twenty-six year old Joshua Strickland will serve more than five years in prison for running down a Whakatane police officer who was laying road spikes during a police chase at Te Teko in December.

Strickland appeared for sentence by video link before Judge Louis Bidois in the Whakatane District Court today.

He earlier admitted theft of tobacco from a dairy, dangerous driving, failing to stop and aggravated wounding.

Judge Bidois said Strickland took off in his car after shoplifting the tobacco and was spotted by a police officer.


A chase began during which Strickland drove at 110kmh in a restricted speed zone, and veered across the road to avoid the road spikes, running down Constable Scott Woodsford who was trying to get out of the way.

He said the officer had broken legs and wrists, and other injuries including to his ribs and a shoulder, and a brain bleed.

Eight months later, he still needs crutches.

The judge gave Strickland credit for his early guilty pleas and for showing some remorse, and sentenced him to 63 months in prison. - Newstalk ZB