Thanks despite confusion over emergency location

Earlier this week I had to call an ambulance. The 111 call was taken from Auckland asking which area I was. Neither "Minden" or "Te Puna" was on their records.

It appears we live at "Wairoa" which is most confusing considering there is a Wairoa District at Dargaville and also one on the East Coast.

However, once the ambulance did arrive, Jaye and her two attendants provided an exceptional service. They were most efficient, consoling and comforting.

Thank you for your outstanding attention team.

Marilyn Bowler


Tauranga council and boss fail to impress

I am incredibly disappointed at the attitude of Garry Poole and Tauranga City Council councillors regarding the laughable offer made to the Bella Vista families, especially when many in the community believe council staff have allegedly acted very, very poorly.

In my view, the council has no moral high ground nor can claim any kind of victimhood or innocence in this matter.

At the recent long-term plan process, many councillors said about the proposed museum that the $25 million, plus around $5m per year in running costs, that was being asked of ratepayers, was small change in the context of annual budgets.

So if that was the case, why are they now trying to shirk their moral obligations and be frugal?

In my opinion, the general public has zero faith in council departments or councillors, something they should be thinking about as election time rolls around. (Abridged)

Glenn Roberts