There is an old saying, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

In the world of music that saying can be applied to a number of famous entertainers and their siblings.

Next month, Neil Finn and his son Liam will release their first album together called Lightsleeper.

Not only have the father-and-son combination written all the songs together, but they have enlisted the help of Mick Fleetwood who plays on three of the album's tracks.


This is the first time Liam has teamed up with his dad to write songs, although they have played together on stage on numerous


The announcement of the Finns' collaboration made me think about the number of other famous families from the world of music who have worked together.

Last year a special tribute album was released featuring the children of Bee Gees group, Barry, Robin, Maurice and Andy Gibb. Seven cousins formed a partnership, named The Gibb Collective, and

recorded a special tribute album of Bee Gees hits, given a new spin.

If you love the Bee Gees music and you want a goosebump

moment, take a look at the YouTube clip of the cousins doing Please Don't Turn out the Lights. Amazing.

If you go back a few years you will remember the Frank and Nancy Sinatra hit single, Something Stupid.


Then there was the amazing

version of Nat King Coles' Unforgettable re-recorded by his daughter Natalie.

That duet was a smash hit world-wide and won a Grammy Award for Song of the Year in 1992.

The late John Bonham of Led Zeppelin fame had a son, Jason, who is following in his father's footsteps and is about to tour New Zealand. He has played drums on a number of occasions in his late father's band.

Another son to follow on from his drumming dad is Zak Starkey.

Zak's drumming career spans more than 30 years and he has been a regular drummer for the Who since 1996. He has also appeared with Oasis on a number of occasions and made guest appearances with his father's All Star band.

After Glenn Frey of the Eagles passed in January 2016, it was announced his son Deacon would the band and play on the Classic East and Classic West tour of the US.

His appearance with The Eagles has been a big success.

Another father-son combination is Eddie Van Halen and his son Wolfgang.

Wolfgang, who plays bass,

replaced Michael Anthony in Van Halen in 2006.

I have only just scratched the surface. There are many more that have followed their parents into the world of music.

I guess when you grow up in a musical family there is a fair chance you will end up in the family business.