Workers and animal experts are keeping a close eye on the wellbeing of a seal which has been lying by a stream in Tauranga's industrial area.

The seal, believed to be 70kg-plus, was spotted wandering through Judea last week. Read more here.

At the time, workers said the sea animal appeared to be a little lost, but happy. This morning, however, workers were worried for the seal's health.

Tauranga Diesel Specialists workshop supervisor Graham Hayes noticed the seal had not moved for a few hours from the back of his workshop near a stream.


"He looks a little sad. Dogs have been sniffing at him and he hasn't moved," Hayes said.

"I think he might be on his last legs."

Hayes said he had phoned the Department of Conservation and SPCA.

Karl McCarthy from the Department of Conservation Tauranga office said it received several reports about a seal in the area.

"There was some public concern this seal might have been unwell although the seal appeared to be in good health," he said.

"Its normal for seals to be sneezing or coughing, have weeping eyes and do a lot of lying about."

McCarthy said while seals were associated with the ocean they often appeared up river mouths and in freshwater environments for periods of time.

He said if people were fortunate enough to see a seal the Department of Conservation asked people not to feed them and keep their distance.


"They might look placid but can still deliver a nasty bite," he said.

The public should call 0800DOCHOT if there was concern for the seals or public's safety.

The Department of Conservation and local business will continue to monitor the individual.