Lower the speed

On several occasions when travelling towards Tauriko along Cambridge Rd, I found that I was stopped by a huge tailback of traffic waiting to turn on to SH29. I note that Tauriko is still subject to a 70km/h speed limit and it is my opinion that if this were reduced to 50km/h then the turning traffic would have a much better chance of joining SH29, due to slower oncoming traffic. I note that vehicles turning left out of Cambridge Rd are hesitant to do so as, inevitably, their view to ensure it is safe to join SH29 is blocked by traffic in the right lane. I suggest a mirror is placed opposite the turning point to overcome this. These suggestions could, if implemented, be a quick and cheap solution.
David Sykes

Diabetes screening

Due to a $15,000 donation from TECT, Diabetes Help Tauranga is now able to provide more diabetes services to those at risk throughout the Western Bay of Plenty. Diabetes, mainly type two, currently affects over 10,000 people in the Bay and it is likely a further 5000 have either type two diabetes, or are at risk of developing type two diabetes. Funding from TECT allows the Diabetes Help Tauranga nurse educator to see more clients for support and education and provide more screening. For more information about services contact the Diabetes Help INFOline on 07 571 3422.
Deborah Cunliffe, Diabetes nurse educator/manager
Diabetes Help Tauranga

Consulting obligations

Your reader Robin Bell (Letters, May 30), clearly misinterpreted my letter (May 26). Having spent 20 years in local government on the Tauranga County Council and latterly 12 years as an elected representative on the Western Bay District Council, I do understand the electoral rules of local government. My obligation to consult with Māori was enshrined in the RMA however, I also very clearly understood my ethical and moral obligation to talk with the various communities. The comments I made in my previous letter are factual and I made them without any bias in mind. Contrary to your letter there is evidence of a Maori ward, in your own Bay of Plenty Regional Council.
Maureen J Anderson
Pyes Pa

Bullying tactics

Why should our Prime Minister presume to reprimand Israel when it responds to attacks? We are lucky enough to be surrounded by water and have only friendly countries offshore. Israel, so much smaller than us, is virtually surrounded by enemies determined to infiltrate and damage as much as possible, yet New Zealand continues to express condemnation. Sounds like bullying to me.
Joy Z Marks