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Name: Sheena Allely
Job title: Veterinary nurse
Company: Barkes Corner and Brookfield Vets
How long worked here: Five years

What does your job involve?
My role as a veterinary nurse involves providing lots of care and attention, anaesthetic during surgery, monitoring animals and post-surgical care. We also keep all areas clean, tidy, sterile and well stocked.

Why did you get into this profession?
I decided to become a vet nurse as I am very passionate about animals and I wanted to provide them with all the care and love they need.


What do you like about your job the most?
I get to have a close relationship with all different breeds of animals. They all have their own little personalities. I feel very lucky, I enjoy my line of work.

What's the most challenging aspect of your role?
Having to put animals to sleep. It can be very emotional and a sad time for all.

What's your proudest work moment?
This was when I nursed a very sick dog and was rewarded a few days later when it became well enough to return home to its family.

What training did you have to prepare for the role?
I completed a national certificate in animal care, which is a prerequisite for studying a national certificate in veterinary nursing.

What has your role taught you?
My role continuously teaches me to be professional, humble, patient, caring and to be approachable and helpful.