Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty mayors would have liked to see more commitment to the region's transport projects in the Government's 2018 budget.

Tauranga City Mayor Greg Brownless said in order to have a strong local economy, the city needed to have stronger infrastructure and roading systems.

"Our economy is a little bit under threat, in order to ensure people can get around Tauranga we need more money to go into transport," Brownless said.

"In the end how will we earn a living and maintain our economy if we are wasting time in traffic," he said.


However, Brownless was pleased to see funding allocated into the education and health sectors.

Western Bay of Plenty Mayor Garry Webber was happy to see "critical issues" addressed in the 2018 budget.

"Nationally it's good to see funding put into health, education and social services, those are fundamental needs."

Webber said he had looked for an announcement regarding transport for the Western Bay of Plenty and there was "nothing there".

"State Highway 2 is the most dangerous road in the country in terms of in terms of deaths and serious injuries," he said.

"We will continue lobbying and hopefully common sense will prevail in the Regional Land Transport Plan and in the National Land Transport Plan.

"I want to see SH2 elevated to its rightful place, we think it's time."