Labour list MP Angie Warren-Clark

"Essentially this is a budget for people, a sensible budget. Packages have come out around helping our homelessness problem and the issues families face with unaffordable rents in the city. I'm absolutely delighted about the additional funding allocated to domestic violence. One in three women in New Zealand is affected by family violence. On a personal level, I am pleased the coalition Government has listened to the sector and continue talking to each other, it's an issue that really makes my heart sing. This budget is putting kindness back into how we are doing things."

Labour list MP Jan Tinetti

"For people who find accessing services such as health really difficult, life has become a lot easier for them. The big announcement about the increase in state housing and the building of state housing between now and 2022 will have a big impact on Tauranga. I was really excited with the lower doctors fees for people on community services cards. For 500,000 people, it will be $20-$30 cheaper to go to the doctor and free doctors visits for under 14-year-olds. I have been asking for that forever. That will make the biggest difference to kids health, that was simply just an amazing announcement. When I heard the announcement for education, tears came to my eyes."


Bay of Plenty MP Todd Muller

"I am very disappointed but not surprised. These guys are spending without any regard to how hard it is to earn it [money] at the Government. When the National Party are in Government the country earns its living and when these guys are in power [current Government] they just spend it. What's really frustrating for me is how untargeted they are with the spending. For an area like Tauranga, I was really focused on whether we get confirmation of new infrastructure, particularly, the Tauranga Northern Link would go ahead- no. I've been pushing hard to see if we can have a secondary school in the Bay - no."

Tauranga MP Simon Bridges

"I think it's [the budget] is more taxing, more borrowing and more cost on Kiwis. There is actually less funding in health around things like Pharmac and mental health. I'm disappointed I don't see anything specifically there for the Western Bay of Plenty. We know we are probably not getting the big transport project we deserve and there's a lot more cost being pilled on through taxes which locals will feel squeezed by."

New Zealand First list MP Clayton Mitchell

"The Provincial Growth Fund will be hugely positive for the Bay of Plenty. There will be more social and economic opportunity. Free doctors visits will benefit struggling families in particular low-income families. The commitment to conservation is a big win for us all. The Department of Conservation has been underfunded for many years, there will be a focus on our local environment."