Ten more trees have been added to the Acorn Foundation Oak Grove in Cambridge Park.

The oak grove was established in 2013 and is a growing tribute to the generous locals who choose to support their community by gifting through the Acorn Foundation.

Acorn general manager Nicky Wilkins said: "This grove is a lovely way to not only have a living memorial to its donors but also to provide a beautiful haven for the city, which future generations of people can enjoy."

Family members and friends of Acorn Foundation donors gathered on May 4 to plant the new trees, and to celebrate the lives of their loved ones whose generosity lives on, in more ways than one.


More than one hundred local community groups are assisted each year through the Acorn Foundation's generous donors.

Gifts/donations made through Acorn are pooled and invested forever, with the investment income used to make grants to local community groups each year. The capital remains intact, so it truly is a gift that lasts forever. Acorn expects this year to grant around $930,000 to the community on behalf of its donors.

The Acorn Foundation this year celebrates 15 years since inception with 300 donor funds and $21 million invested in perpetuity for our community.

To date, Acorn Foundation has gifted $4.6 million to the community helping over 200 local charities.