It's May, which means it's New Zealand Music Month - a time dedicated to celebrate Kiwi music and musicians.

The theme of the month is Discover New, encouraging people to expand on their current playlists with something new. Whether it's new music by a well-known Kiwi musician, introducing yourself to a Kiwi artist you have never heard of before or treating your ears to something old that every other except yourself seems to know.

There is no shortage of musical talent in New Zealand so discovering something new shouldn't be a hard task.

While it is great we have a month dedicated to celebrating NZ music and the talented creatives who make it - and we have done so for close to two decades - supporting Kiwi musicians is what we should be doing all throughout the year.


Many musicians have day jobs. They work hard in the job they have to do so that they can eventually do the work they want to do as fulltime musicians.

They are hustling in those day jobs but are also working just as hard after-hours on their music because that's what they are passionate about.

They practise, they write, they try to secure gigs and they perform when many people are winding down for the day. Musicians are creatives by nature and this is how they fulfill that part of themselves.

New Zealand musicians are a hard working bunch and the industry is a tough gig to crack.

This is why we should support Kiwi musicians all year, not just one month of the year.

Like the rest of us, musicians are faced with the work/life balance of an everyday job, relationships and living costs but added to that is dealing with a technological world where it is not uncommon for people to illegally download music, movies and more.

Musicians forever run the risk of having their work ripped off if people like it. Instead of buying music we appreciate, there are some people out there who want to just take it, stealing from an artist we admire. Ouch.

This is not okay. Musicians struggle. Some find it easier than others and others live their whole lives never being able to work on their passions fulltime. Let's not make it even harder for them by illegally downloading their crafts.


If you like a song - especially a home-grown song - buy it. If you are a fan of a band or musician, buy their album. If they are touring and head to your city or town, buy a ticket.

It's not hard to support Kiwi musicians - it probably costs less than your daily coffee.