It's a workout session most people dream about - exercising while enjoying a beer or a wine.

And people in Tauranga can now do just that with a Wine/Beer and Pizza Yoga Event in the city.

The yoga session invites people to explore the world of yoga while incorporating a cheeky glug of their favourite drink, and enjoying a snack afterwards.

Yoga teacher Victoria Fraser said she was passionate about the craft and wanted to spread the benefits of yoga to as many people as she could.


Inspiration hit when Fraser was catching up with a fellow yoga teacher at Maude restaurant in The Lakes.

"Maude has a beautiful space and we thought 'we should see if you can do a yoga event here'.

"We spoke with the manager and I'd seen a few YouTube clips from the States, etc, where they incorporate beer and wine into it, so we thought we'd give it a go.

"It's a bit quirky but it gets crowds into yoga."

Fraser said the addition of drinks during yoga helped with balance but also brought some fun into the workout.

"It takes some of the intimidation away. It's fun and positive."

Fraser said there had already been a lot of interest in the event but due to venue capacity the class will only be open to about 40 people. She recommended people get tickets early.

Tickets are $45 and cover your preferred drink, pizza and snacks plus the yoga session.

Fraser will be joined by fellow yoga teacher Natalie Robinson in running the session at the outdoor dining area of Maude restaurant. Tickets can be bought from Maude restaurant.

What you need to know:


Maude restaurant, 1 Caslani Lane, The Lakes


Sunday, 6pm-8pm


Anyone over 18


$45, covering food, drink and session