Tropical Thai weather and creepy crawlies are less scary than "mind games" for "typical millennial" Liam Hose, a Tauranga man taking part in season two of Survivor New Zealand, which starts on Sunday.

Former Aquinas student Hose joins 17 other contestants in Northern Thailand to battle it out for the title of Sole Survivor and $250,000 in prize money.

Hose, who is studying to be an Air New Zealand flight attendant and is a fan of skydiving and videography, describes himself as a "typical millennial".

"Someone who thinks they are always under the pump, doesn't really know what to do with their life or what is going on, but goes with the flow," Hose said.


If he wins big on the show, he says he will spend prize money on "bettering himself".

"I would use it to learn all sorts of different experiences ... okay, I would probably also buy a fancy car and some nice food and drinks. But buying a house doesn't appeal."

The Survivor format includes Tribal Council, reward challenges, mergers and blindsides.

As for Hose's tactics, he says he is "an open book", but thinks being too honest can be a disadvantage when you have to play the game.

"I am fine with all the surviving stuff, but it is the mind games side of it I will be out of my depth on, blindsiding people and stuff, because I like to be honest."

Describing himself as already thin, he did not want to lose any more weight but as an all-day grazer, did not think the lack of food would be a problem.

He doesn't like spiders but wouldn't kill one.

Hose grew up in Tauranga with his parents, an early childhood worker and a taxi driver.


His girlfriend of two years is American - they met on Camp America, she does "engineering or something medical".

He is looking forward to working with the airline, starting off "mid-haul" but is unsure where exactly that will take him.

"Actually, I am not even sure where that will be."

• The new series of Survivor starts on Sunday, April 22 on TVNZ 2.