HAIR today, gone tomorrow.

These cute little charity-friendly cherubs are giving up their crowning glory tomorrow afternoon for kids with cancer.

The Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand's signature fundraising event is Shave for a Cure. Tomorrow will be the day six Pahoia School get their heads shaved for the cause.

Principal Adrian Harwood and teacher Kim McCormack are getting sheared to a ''number 0'' and so is Kim's son Wil.


Adrian is losing his much-loved beard — he quit shaving mostly to save precious minutes every morning tending to new daughter Zoe, and is currently sporting an impressive beard.

The children have already raised more than $4000 in the leadup.

Adrian came up with the idea because of Zoe.

''I started to think about how horrible it would be... and how hard it would be for parents of children with cancer. As teachers and parents, it hits home. I thought 'someone should do something'. Actually I am someone, so I talked to Kim about it and she was all in.''

Kim and Adrian spoke to the children and six put their hand up. Student Sam Bourke has raised $900 on his own.

The boys are more than happy to lose their hair for charity. Even Riley, the only girl, is not bothered.

''I've had it that short before, when my dad cut my hair too short. I was always saying to people 'I am not a boy'.
''It's a good cause. My dad had lung cancer before I was born and he's talked to me about it.''

The school is making a big day of the event and having stalls of home baking (and beanies) for families of the school. The school will also be selling orange slap bands to further raise money.

There is also an auction for the first cut of Kim's hair (the current bid stands at $200).

''We've done pretty well, considering we just started with a goal of $2000,'' Adrian says.

Donations can still be made to Shave for a Cure page. Search for Pahoia School.