TECT generosity

Members of TECT and anyone who receives a TECT cheque each have a stake in TECT worth approximately $13,000. Those of them who support the TECT proposal are effectively pledging to make a donation of some $9000 to the wider community. This is to be admired and I hope the community will be eternally grateful.
However, many may not feel so generous. For these members, TECT could return to them the underlying Trustpower and Tilt shares plus their share of the other assets TECT holds on their behalf. This puts the investment and charitable contributions decisions back in the hands of the owners of the assets. What could be fairer than that?
Neil Parker

Recycling questions

There are questions unanswered about our recycling, the first one being: Our recycling contractor say glass cannot be sorted at the recycling facility because it is unsafe. This recycling facility was designed for sorting recyclables. And then we have the council saying we will get a glass recycling bin similar to a fish bin which will be sorted beside the truck. So how can standing beside a truck (as they do in Whitianga) sorting glass be safer than in a purpose-built facility? The second being: Why did the recycle company stop glass collection without a viable option in place? I personally have made the decision to send my expensive bins back and therefore do as 50 per cent of my neighbours have been doing for years and buy plastic bags and therefore not recycle at all. That's the same plastic bags that don't break down forever in landfills.
Gary Horan

Trump winning

When will most mainstream media get it regarding President Trump? His recently announced likely meeting with North Korea's President Kim Jong-un regarding serious nuclear issues is a case in point. Immediately breaking news made that possibility known, a wide variety of commentators were asked to comment. They immediately demonstrated that notwithstanding 16 months has passed since Trump's election to office, with hundreds of his policy decisions and views announced - many being contrary to normal expectation - they simply cannot get a handle on his unique style. Under his style, already most of his election promises have been presented; and many implemented (or in the course of implementation). In doing so, he has shown that often his unconventional announcements get action achieved - yet he is continually criticised. Perhaps he intends, unusually, to go into talks with Kim with no pre-conditions stipulated, nor required. That's not conventional diplomacy - but then conventional diplomacy on many issues has produced little to nothing by way of results.
For goodness sake, get it media, and give the man a chance. He just may make a real difference his way.
Alan Trotter

Stop development

We have lived in Te Puna for 30 years and it has gone from a sleepy village like Omokoroa was to an absolute nightmare when wanting to go to town. When are the councils going to put safe roading before massive development? All development should be stopped until our roads are at a point where they can cope with increases in traffic. The only winners here are the developers and councils.
Kelvin Gilmore
Te Puna