The iconic Village Radio is hoping to attract some new volunteer announcers with an interest in nostalgic music to strengthen its ranks.

Village Radio manager and announcer George Stewart says it relied on the efforts of 14 announcers and at times it was stretched to cover all the shifts.

The vintage station has been broadcasting daily since 1984, he says, and often the roster was a juggling act with the volunteers who were mostly retired.

''We have had staff that have had to pop off for operations and go on leave. At Christmas we had four away on holiday and it was a little bit of a nightmare.''


George says the announcers came from different walks of life and some of them had no experience in broadcasting before taking up the challenge.

Full training would be offered in its two studios for those who wanted to be part of the friendly team, he said.

''You would need a good general knowledge of music and have a pleasant speaking voice.''

He says Village Radio played music from the 1940s to the 1980s.

''In other words it's music that our grandparents and parents grew up with. What was top of the pops during the Second World War to artists like Tom Jones, John Travolta and Engelbert Humperdinck.''

Speciality slots were also played in the last hour of each day covering everything from the classics to country, jazz, Kiwi artists and rock and roll.

An ''absolute love of old music'' inspired Carole Marsden to become a volunteer announcer about two year ago and as she hasn't looked back since despite having no experience.

The retiree credits her father for passing on the passion for tunes from yesteryear.'

"I was bought up with a father that had a large library of vinyl records from way back.''

Carole Marsden had no experience in radio announcing before joining the team as a volunteer. Photo/Carmen Hall
Carole Marsden had no experience in radio announcing before joining the team as a volunteer. Photo/Carmen Hall

Carole is on air every fortnight on Tuesday and says her favourite part of the job is picking the music and putting her programme together.

''I only play post war music. I handpick every song and know most of them by heart.''

Initially Carole says it was nerve-wracking but she soon got into the swing of things.

''The first time I was nervous and it was daunting with all the machinery. But I am a retired credit manager and I knew computer technology ... so I told myself you can do this.''

How much is that doggy in the window? and songs from Doris Day were some of Carole's favourites and it was a real buzz when listeners phoned in to chat and reminisce.

But her music taste was across the spectrum.

''I also just absolutely love The Eagles and I can thrash that out in the car,'' she jokes.


* People interested in being a volunteer radio announcer
* Must have a pleasant speaking voice
* Good general knowledge of music
* Full training given
* More info contact George Stewart at the station on 5713710 or 5766170