Change needed

'Everyone realises something has to happen with 15th Ave, Turrett Rd, and the Hairini Bridge', (

BOP Times

, January 30, 2018) - this is not rocket science!


To think about placing traffic lights at Burrows St is a short-sighted panic move! You really should be thinking long-term, Tauranga Council.

We all know what has to be done. It will take someone with guts and planning prowess of course.

Firstly, 15th Ave needs to be widened all the way from Cameron Rd to the Hairini Bridge.

There will be a loss of grass verge and pavement ... that's a small price to pay.

The lovely old pohutakawa trees lining the Turrett Rd section before the bridge will have to go, sad to say ... and I'm a tree lover of note!

But the Hairini Bridge has to be widened.

Surely putting a traffic light at Burrows St is not all the transport department can come up, with for heaven's sake.

Think forward, and plan accordingly.

This problem of traffic in 15th Ave has been bubbling and brewing for years. Will someone with guts do something positive please.

Isabel Ashmore

Treaty deals
The claim by Bryan Johnson (Letters February 7) that the government is apologising to Maori for problems that are mostly of their own making is not supported by any credible evidence.

More than $2 billion in justified Treaty settlements have been paid for land wrongfully taken from Maori by past governments.

What Bryan seems unaware of is that Treaty settlements have been less than 10 per cent compensation. In the case of Tauranga, $50 million compensation was paid for wrongfully confiscated land worth more than $500m.

Maori have accepted this with good grace, and displayed considerable goodwill. Bryan could bear this in mind when he considers writing letters critical of Maori.

Peter Dey
Welcome Bay