Members of the National Party have arrived in Tauranga, with most having already climbed Mauao.

The Trinity Wharf car park is filled with National Party vehicles and a swarm of MPs are milling about in the foyer of the hotel and conference centre. The National Party chose Tauranga as the venue for their caucus today, after a barbecue at local MP Simon Bridges' house last night.

A reporter at the scene said most appeared happy and relaxed.

National Party president Peter Goodfellow has already walked up and down Mauao with several others and got a taxi to the gathering.


Party leader Bill English arrived about 10am after flying in at 9.45am. English walked past waiting media, promising to talk later, before joining some people having coffee.

Bridges insisted the barbecue was simply the usual hospitality from the local MPs. But there was a great reluctance to allow media to get a quick photo last night. There has been suggestions the caucus could prompt a reshuffle of the party and leadership but this has been rubbished by Bridges.