It is now safe to enter the water at Pilot Bay in Mount Maunganui.

In a statement, the Tauranga City Council said follow-up samples of water quality tests had returned with results being within safe levels.

"It is safe to swim and health warning signs, installed as a precautionary, will be removed as soon as possible," the statement said.

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The Tauranga City Council announced on January 13 that there had been a wastewater overflow at Pilot Bay due to a pipe blockage caused by wet wipes.

Samples were taken at several points along Pilot Bay following the wastewater overflow on Saturday.

The Marine Bathing Guidelines required testing for the presence of Enterococci, and a result of over 140 Enterococci/100ml needs follow-up sampling.

One sample of the initial tests came back with elevated levels of bacteria.

The follow-up sample returned with all samples being within safe levels (under 140 Enterococci/100ml).