Once again we have Tommy Wilson having his weekly rant about Donald Trump. Of course, if you only watch CNN or read the Washington Post you only get a biased view of what is really happening.
Neil Harvey
Welcome Bay

Maori wards (1)

Proponents of Maori wards, such as Peter Dey, in my opinion, show little understanding of the role of councillors. Councillors are elected to represent all of the community, including Maori, and advocate on behalf of all.
A Maori ward is the opposite, being elected by, and answerable to, an ethnic group as opposed to the needs of the wider community.
The role of the council is to provide services for the community such as sewerage, water, roads, libraries, playing fields. Do Maori turn on the tap or flush the toilet differently?
Peter Dey may care to enlighten us as to what skills a Maori ward councillor would bring to the table that would benefit all of the community.
I want councillors elected on merit, to consider all viewpoints, and not be beholden to sectional, ethnic interests. (Abridged)
Richard Prince
Welcome Bay

Maori wards (2)

In response to Peter Dey (Letters, January 10). If Maori are so discriminated against, how come you and Tommy Wilson get everything printed in the BOP newspaper and the rest of us don't?
Plus, as the two of you have a lot to say for yourself and Maori why are you not standing for council?
To be elected you actually have to stand and run the race, it's called democracy. A bit of effort and common sense is required.
Why should ratepayers' hard-earned money be given to someone who is looking for what is, in my view, the effortless way in?
I believe the WBOP council has shown we have too many like that in there now.
I have never seen so many, in my opinion, weak, gutless sheep [councillors] as was at the public Maori ward council meeting in November, I think they had obviously been beaten into submission as to how they should vote. One thing we do not need is weak-kneed councillors who do not know the will of the people that they were elected by.
I agree with Mike Lally's assessment when speaking on Rotorua. When I lived there I voted for Trevor Maxwell because he was a sound councillor and that's why I voted for him, not because he was Maori.
C Humphreys