Taking on the world's best surf athletes just got a lot easier for the talented Miller siblings.

Jessica, 22, and brother Hamish, 19, can look forward to the 2018 surf lifesaving sporting calendar after multinational company Dexion came to the party with a cash grant.

The initiative follows the ground-breaking win by Hamish in the Dexion-sponsored Mount Monster this month.

Both Hamish and Jess have captained New Zealand at major international events and been part of the Mount Lifeguard Service programme since they were 5.


Jessica is based on the Gold Coast for much of the year competing in the Ocean 6 series with elite Australian athletes.

"It is the new Nutri-Grain series and is my next biggest target. I have qualified for round one of the series and the next round is on 13th January in Melbourne," she said.

Sponsorship is a perennial issue for her. This year she competed in Hawaii, Japan and Denmark as well as coming home to the national champs in Christchurch.

"This [Dexion] sponsorship is so helpful and takes the pressure off, especially with uni starting again in March and a major world event in Brazil in September."

Hamish, who studies at University of Waikato, said having sponsorship from Dexion will help him focus on his training knowing he will be going to the key events.

Both the Millers have been privileged to captain New Zealand at major international surf carnivals.

Jess captained New Zealand at the Sanyo Cup in Japan this year with Hamish in the team, while Hamish had the honour with the Junior Black Fins.

"I was really stoked to be captain of that team and having Hamish there and [Mount Maunganui's] Libby Bradley and our second cousin Casey Fyall was cool. I loved being captain of that team and was really honoured," Jess said.


Hamish said being captain "kind of gives you that boost when you are on the beach competing and helps you do what you can to lift the team and try and beat the Aussies".

He has had individual success at the Australian championships and regards competing there as the pinnacle of the sport.

"The Australian competitions, whichever ones you go to, are world class. It is the top of the tops. Being able to race here is one thing but it is such a big step up going to Australia and really trying to compete against them," Hamish said.

"If you really want to be competitive in the sport of surf lifesaving internationally you really have to push yourself against those Australians. To do that you have to get over there and race in those competitions with different racing and different tactics."

Mount Lifeguard Service board member Russell Reardon said Dexion was pleased to help out the Millers after realising the family involvement in surf lifesaving.

"They saw what this whole family had done for the surf lifesaving movement here at the Mount. These kids have been involved since they were 5 years old plus younger brother Daniel," Reardon said.

"Their parents are current lifeguards for the club and patrol for the club. [Dexion] just saw their massive contribution towards the local community and wanted to give something back."