Rain over the weekend made no different to Tauranga city's reservoir levels and water restrictions across the city remain in place.

Restrictions came into force at 9am on Saturday, including a total ban on using residential sprinklers and only watering the garden between 5am and 8am, and 7pm and 10pm.

Tauranga City Council spokesman Marcel Currin said there had been a huge response on the council's Facebook page, with thousands of views and hundreds of comments and shares.

"Most people are supportive and helping to share the information. We're getting questions about what is and isn't allowed, and a few complaints where people have seen their neighbours using water in ways they think they shouldn't," he said.


A few people had suggested Tauranga should not need water restrictions because it was such a wet winter, Currin said.

"That's a misunderstanding about how the water supply system works. We don't have months of storage. With this weather, the city's water is being consumed as fast as the treatment plants can produce it. That's why we need restrictions.

"We're really grateful for how supportive people are being at short notice," he said.

Currin said some of the angrier Facebook comments had accused the council of allowing city growth to outpace the water supply network.

"The council has been growing the city's water infrastructure in step with the booming population as much as possible by building new reservoirs, extending the supply network and boosting the capacity of the treatment plants, all while planning for the third treatment plant," he said.

"For the past few years, we've asked people to be mindful of their water use over summer."

Currin said although some rain fell during the weekend, it had made little difference to the reservoir levels and the restrictions remained in place until further notice.

The residential sprinkler ban was the introductory level of restriction, and the council would escalate the ban if needed, Currin said.

Mount Maunganui renter Kristen Andrew, 28, who the Bay of Plenty Times spotted cleaning her car with a bucket of water yesterday, said she backed the restrictions.

"I hadn't thought much about the need for water restrictions before, but clearly with not much rain and being so dry it's really important we act responsibly about our water use.

"Being a renter I don't use a lot of water anyway. But I think with the huge amount of visitors at this time of year we all have to do our bit to conserve now before the height of the summer season really bites," Andrew said.

One Oceanview Rd resident, who did not want to be named, watering his lawn yesterday said he was one of the lucky unaffected property owners as he had his own water bore.

He said the restrictions made sense if it was going help conserve water in the long run.

A total of 5.4mm of rain was recorded in Tauranga over the weekend.

MetService meteorologist Brian Mercer said rain had fallen between midnight and 1am yesterday and no other rain had been recorded as of 5.30pm.

According to MetService, weather conditions were likely to be predominantly dry in Tauranga this week.

Mercer said today would likely bring a "few showers in the afternoon" and possible cooler temperatures but tomorrow would be another sunny day in the Bay.

He said there may be cloudy periods and some showers, but conditions would be mostly fine in Tauranga.

Tauranga city's water restrictions include:

• Total ban on using residential sprinklers and washing down hard surfaces such as paths, driveways, concrete or paved surfaces.

• Handwatering of gardens and lawns only with a hose or watering can between 5am-8am or 7pm-10pm.
• Car washing is allowed but using a bucket and trigger nozzle on the hose is recommended, as is washing your car on the grass.

For more information go to www.tauranga.govt.nz

Street view: How do you feel about the restrictions?

"I did not know about the restrictions but I live in an apartment so it's not going to affect me in a huge way. However, we all need to act responsibly and do the right thing."
- Kaye Davies, Tauranga central

" I question why it has come to this when council has known for some time we need more water reservoirs, and the city could have introduced a subsidy scheme for water tanks."
-Julian Brown, 42, Parkvale

"We're upset about the restrictions as we pay huge rates at The Lakes. All we can do is accept it I suppose. For now on we'll pay more attention to water infrastructure issues."
-Natasha Narsey, 32, The Lakes

"I didn't know about the restrictions but we work 6am-6pm most days and are renting so it's not going to affect us as much as other people."
- Bill Muirson, 50s, Papamoa

"Summer is yet to really kick in and we have four months to go. If we don't conserve now we could be in lots of trouble."
- Kiki Kahlon, 28, Papamoa