Things are starting to even up in the Bridges' family household, with the arrival of Tauranga MP Simon Bridges and his wife Natalie's new baby girl Jemima Alicja Ruth Bridges.

The new addition was born via caesarean at 2pm, weighing 6lb, 14oz and Bridges said his daughter's middle names were after both of her grandparents - his mum is called Ruth and Natalie's mother's name is Alicja.

Jemima was chosen because it was a name both Bridges and his wife liked, particularly because it was a biblical name from the Book of Job and "they were the most lovely in the land".

Bridges said Natalie was doing well and he was looking forward to having her and Jemima home with him and the boys - Emlyn and Harry, who got to hang out with Dad at home, watching Christmas movies and eating KFC for dinner.


"They came to the hospital to visit this afternoon and they are really happy, and it's a real novelty to have a baby sister," Bridges said.

"They got to hold her in their arms."

Bridges said Jemima was a cross between both boys and Natalie was looking forward to having another female in the house.

"I'm sure there'll be much more pink, and dollies than there have been ... and Natalie's now got a shopping partner."