Lilly Muspratt is a confident 15-year-old who knows where she wants to go in life.

The Otumeotai College student may excel in sports but that is not where her talents end. She boasts talents in public speaking as well.

Lilly has played football for the past 10 years and has achieved much in that time.

High points for her include being selected for National Talent Centre U16s top 30 players and also playing at National Age Group in Wellington.


A lot of dedication goes into Lilly's success in football.

As a member of the WAIBOP U16s football team she trains twice a week in Cambridge and once a week at the Otumoetai Football Club.

"I play Futsal on a Sunday night for Otumoetai. [And I] play also for Otumoetai College Girls 1st X1 and Otumoetai Federation U16," Lilly said.

But she has more to offer than her sports skills.

Lilly says she has always been a confident speaker and this no doubt has helped her win her school's Year 10 speech competition.

The topic of her winning speech was autism, a subject she holds close saying the inspiration came from "my little brother who is on the autism spectrum".

Despite her varied skills, Lilly knows she wants to follow sports when she leaves school and pursue a career that allows her to do just that.

About Lilly Muspratt
How would you describe yourself?
I describe myself as a leader. I'm competitive and fun. I don't like giving up. I love to help those who help and put others before myself.


What subjects do you take at school and why those subjects?
PE - I love sports.
Maths and science - I enjoy these subjects.
English - I find it interesting .
Social studies - I find it interesting.
Art and graphics - I like to be creative.

What do you want to do when you leave school?
Play football for New Zealand.

What is your dream job?
Work for Hillary Outdoors Education.
Have you always been a confident speaker?
Yes, always.

What are some of your tips to delivering a good speech?
To be passionate about what you are talking about, have knowledge about what you are talking about, having [an] open body position and good eye contact.