As I sat in standstill traffic on my way to work yesterday morning, I found myself envious of commuters starting their day bypassing the congestion.

These people - on their bicycles, walking, riding electric bikes and one man on a hoverboard-type of contraption - looked as though they were enjoying their journey.

As I looked into the cars around me, drivers and their passengers did not have the same calm expressions. Although no one seemed stressed or angry, no one looked to be enjoying themselves either - not like those outside of their vehicles.

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It should be noted Tauranga's Monday morning traffic delays were particularly bad yesterday due to two crashes, luckily without any injuries suffered, leaving much of the city in gridlock. However, that's all it takes to turn a 10-15 minute trip in normal traffic into a 40 minute journey.

I sat there listening to my favourite songs and thinking I'd be much happier getting some fresh air and taking in the natural scenery surrounding me instead of being stuck in traffic inside a vehicle.

I also started thinking about how I could run to work slightly faster than getting there in a car, planning my future journeys between home and work.

I've often thought about getting myself better organised to run or bike to work but yesterday's delays strengthened the motivation, knowing I'd be using the time more productively by being active than sitting and waiting.

Let's see how this works out!