The toasted cheese sandwich, or toastie as it's more commonly known, has been enjoyed by generations around the world.

The dish is seemingly simple, generally containing cheese, potentially some ham, tomato and onion, or even a bit of spaghetti (here's looking at you, Bill).

But what if there was a better way to make a toastie, and ensure that your bread was always perfectly crispy, without having to use even a lick of butter?

According to Australian food writer Tristan Lutze, the trick is in using mayonnaise instead of butter on the outside of the bread, which could at least be a cheaper option at the moment.


"Once the outside of your bread hits the heat of the sandwich press, a thin layer of mayo will transform into a perfectly even coating of oil that toasts any bread - be it soft white, hearty ciabatta or luxurious brioche - to crispy perfection," Lutz told

"While butter splits into oil and solids, the latter of which burns quickly against the hotplate, mayonnaise is perfectly emulsified, meaning no more blackened patches. And whole egg mayonnaise - the kind you buy in a jar - has the same ratio of salt, so you won't be sacrificing any flavour."

The trick will also ensure you don't tear a hole in your bread when trying to spread butter on it - a common toastie tragedy.

And with that one simple change, says Lutz, even the most amateur chef can achieve toastie perfection.