MIKE Hamilton says he will enjoy spending more time with his beloved classic motorbike now he has it back.

Mr Hamilton's 1973 Norton Commando was stolen after he took it to the Greerton Cherry Blossom Festival at the weekend.

At the time, he believed he would never see it again.

But all that changed on Thursday.


"I can't believe it. I thought I had lost a leg at one stage but that's glued on again now."

Mr Hamilton was reunited with the bike at the Tauranga Police Station after it was found at a local property on Thursday afternoon.

Mr Hamilton recounted the phone call from the police - and seeing his $15,000 bike smudged and muddy with the indicator hanging off.

The smudges came from fingerprinting.

The mud and damaged indicator, from the people who took it.

"I'm just happy to have it back. I've got it at home now, just getting it cleaned up and taking photos of the damage," Mr Hamilton said.

"It's 99 per cent together. It's just got some cosmetic damage and bits missing like where they've damaged the ignition, etc.

"Considering where it has been and what's happened, it could be worse.

"It's getting more attention than a married partner for the next few weeks."

Police inquiries were still ongoing into the theft.

People reported they saw the bike being lifted into a dark van on the day it was taken.

Mr Hamilton's daughter Ruby posted a photo of her dad's missing bike on her Facebook page, which was shared more than 2500 times.

"I have to give a big thanks to the general public, my daughter and her mother's tenacity on Facebook was amazing.

"There was huge public support, especially among the motorbike fraternity.

"It has been a good exercise in just how people are supportive even when you think you don't even know them. People pay attention."

Mr Hamilton was also grateful to the police "who shook those trees until something fell".
Constable Jonathan Mitchell said the bike was recovered by the Tauranga South police tactical crime unit.

No arrests had been made at this stage, he said.