There may be more people on the roads and it may take a little longer to reach our destination but the fact there are thousands of young athletes in our city celebrating sport is a reason to be excited.

The annual Anchor AIMS Games is on now, with more than 10,000 children representing more than 300 schools from around New Zealand and even overseas, competing in 21 different sports at a mix of venues around Tauranga.

What an exciting event to be part of!

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Running for 14 years now, the international inter-school clash is a massive event which continues to grow each year - and for good reason.

Having such a big competition to prepare for during those intermediate-aged years would no doubt keep kids focused on their sporting codes, while also giving them something to look forward to towards the end of the school year.

A week of playing a chosen sport, meeting people from around the world who are all likely to be just as competitive as each other and watching quality athletes battle it out is, I'm sure, a highly anticipated event.

I know if AIMS Games had been thought up while I was at intermediate (much longer than 14 years ago) I would not have been able to contain myself ... if I would have made a team, that is.

AIMS Games has so much experience to offer these skilled youngsters and Tauranga does too.

This event will likely be etched in their memories forever and, with many of these competitors likely to become household names in years to come, let's hope their experience is an amazing one.

Our future Olympians, national and international champs and sporting leaders are no doubt competing in Tauranga this week and here's hoping they fondly remember us.