Fox Tamou has travelled further than most to be at the Anchor AIMS Games this week.

The 13-year-old flew in from Jakarta, Indonesia, last Wednesday and will be taking part in the tennis competition at Mount Maunganui Tennis Club.

Fox last lived in New Zealand when he was 3 and said it was good to be home.

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"I really wanted to come over to see how New Zealand was going to be because I'm probably going to come and live here in a couple of years. So I wanted to see how the community worked and everything," Fox said.

Competing in the AIMS Games seemed a perfect way to do just that.

Fox has lived in the Indonesian capital, where his dad is a principal, for four years and goes to AIS Indonesia, formerly Australian International School.

Before that, he lived in Chile for five-and-a-half years.

On Monday, with the tennis temporarily halted as steady rain fell over the courts, he was itching to get out and play.

"I just want to get on the court, see how it feels and stuff."

Fox was focused on one thing.

"I have a cousin who was here ... and I just want to beat him. So I just want to win one game or two games, because he won one or two. I've just got to beat him, that's my big goal."

He said he did not have as much experience as some other students in the tennis competition, but hoped to play at least three or four matches this week.

Fox was "just excited to be here" and looking forward to having some fun on court.

His 11-year-old sister, Gabriella, also came over from Jakarta for the AIMS Games and is taking part in the swimming competition.

Both started well, with Fox winning his opening match in a tie-breaker and Gabriella beating her personal best in all three of her races on Monday.

She came second in her butterfly and freestyle heats and won the backstroke.

Fox lost his second and third matches but was due back on court again yesterday afternoon to try to secure that second win he was after.

He was loving playing on courts with no holes in them.

Their mum and grandmother are splitting their time and support between the two.

"My dad trained the both of us but couldn't be here because he's on camp in Vietnam with Year 11s," Fox said.

Grandmother Marie said yesterday she was enjoying having Fox and Gabriella back in New Zealand.

"Bella's [Gabriella] excited about the finals today. We're so thrilled about her making a final. Well beyond our expectations, coming from modest facilities in Jakarta.

"I would like to thank AIMS Games. It's been the best experience my grandkids could ever have imagined."

Fox and Gabriella's mum, Jodie, said it was "so exciting for the kids to finally be here at Mount Maunganui".

"A huge contrast from the heat and chaos of Jakarta, Indonesia," she said.

Fox was still getting used to that sudden change in climate.

"It's not a hot holiday," he said.

"Thirty-three degrees to like nine or six. Not hot."