A large industrial site at the end of Greerton's Chadwick Rd has been earmarked as the next subdivision to be fast-tracked for residential development under the Government's Special Housing Area legislation.

Tauranga City Council has agreed to recommend to the Minister for Building and Construction that the 1.2ha site at 305 Chadwick Rd become a Special Housing Area for 130 units.

The proposal was that Celt Saxon Corp would redevelop the site for affordable housing. Council backed the application because it assisted the aim of working towards a compact city with a "well planned urban form".

Consultation with neighbours last month resulted in 17 opposed, six neutral, 12 giving conditional support, seven supporting.


Key themes from residents were height and density, the lack of parking, traffic volumes and the use of the site.

Policy planner Janine Speedy said the industrial zone had a 16m height limit. The proposed four-level apartment had a maximum height of 14m and the townhouses a maximum height of 12.5m.

She said the height was due to the topography of the land where fill would be needed to provide a building platform.

"The increased density is considered appropriate due to the location of the proposed development to the Greerton Town Centre."

The density was one unit per 96sq m, with townhouse and apartment sizes varying throughout the site. Prices would depend on the unit size, with two-bedroom units selling for between $375,000 and $425,000 and three-bedroom units from $450,000 to $550,000

Once the development was completed, there would be 1.8ha of vacant industrial land in the immediate vicinity of Chadwick Rd.

Councillor Bill Grainger was concerned about the proximity of such a big development to an industrial area with lots of trucks. His major concern was traffic, including the impact at the intersection of Chadwick and Cameron Rds.

Council traffic manager Martin Parkes said their initial assessment was that there were no fatal flaws in the plan. The increased traffic movements could be dispersed fairly efficiently in the area. The application still had to go through a transport assessment process.

Concern was expressed at the meeting that the developer wanted the best of both worlds. Building setbacks were very close to residential standards whereas the developer wanted to keep the height limit of Tauranga's industrial zones.

The development proposal
- 37 three-bedroom townhouses
- 34 two-bedroom townhouses
- 59 two-bedroom apartments
- streetscape and planting