Children playing at the playground next to The Lakes Neighbourhood Shopping Village will no longer have to hold it until they get home - the council has agreed to pay $120,000 for public toilets.

Funding was approved by the Tauranga City Council and it has gone into the 2017-18 Annual Plan.

Council staff said a public toilet would be a positive for this site with its close proximity to the commercial area and lake.

"The reserve performs a neighbourhood reserve function, and is showing the signs of becoming a popular local destination," staff said.


Residents made three submissions to the council in the latest round of Annual Plan submissions.

Harrison Grierson, consultants manager for Tauranga David Needham, made the case to the council, the Bay of Plenty Times reported in May. He said toilets were not a "nice-to-have" but essential for the playground that features Tauranga's only flying fox.

Sixty to 80 children were using the playground on some mornings during school holidays and parents were having to ask a nearby restaurant to use the toilet, Mr Needham said.