Two new $285,000 cyclist and pedestrian bridges built over a stream at either end of the Takitumu Toll Road are part of the plan to create a commuter hub around the city.

One of the bridges was built at the State Highway 29 end of the toll road and the other crosses the Kopurererua Stream near Birch Ave and the Historic Village.

That means people could park at the Historic Village to bike or walk through the Kopurererua Valley and link up with existing cycle trails in The Lakes subdivision.

Micheal Vujnovich, Tauranga City Council's manager for Project Tauranga, said the two bridges were strategically important additions for the growing city.


The bridge at the southern end of the trail, near the former toll gates, was 16m long and connected with the underpass providing access to The Lakes.

The other bridge was 18m long and crossed the Kopurererua Stream at the northern end of the reserve, providing access to the Judea industrial estate and linking into Birch Ave and Koromiko St.