A Tauranga man caught importing 85g of ecstasy powder and tablets told police he got the idea from watching a television programme.

Ashley Brian Hillis, 21, who appeared in Tauranga District Court yesterday, pleaded guilty to importing ecstasy.

Police said Hillis ordered 10g of ecstasy power from a Darknet website between August 1 and September 26 last year to be sent to his Welcome Bay home.

Hillis later received an envelope from the Netherlands containing the powder, which he consumed.


He used the same website twice more; to order 10 ecstasy tablets, then a further 50 tablets plus 25g of ecstasy powder.

On August 31 and September 16 last year, Customs officers intercepted the two packages.

Hillis told police he had got the idea to import the contraband from a TV programme and deeply regretted his foolish decision.

Judge Thomas Ingram remanded Hillis on bail for sentencing on February 20.