He is only 6 but Indica Knox Corcoran is already making waves in the surfing world.

Indica Knox, also known by his nickname Indi, competed in Hurley BL's Blast Off in Sydney from August 26 to August 29, and won the 6-year-old competition which mum Renee Tregurtha said he "absolutely nailed".

In August, he competed in the Billabong Grom Attack at Bali's Kuta Beach, where he came fifth.

And Indica Knox last week returned from Gisborne where he placed sixth in an event for 10-year-olds.


Miss Tregurtha said Indica Knox had been surfing for a couple of years now and wanted to go pro - a hard ask at his young age.

"He wants to go pro so we chucked him in a competition last year for under-14s. It gave him a taste of it and now he wants to do more.

"He's been to Bali and Sydney for events because we don't have those kind of competitions in New Zealand really for his age group."

Miss Tregurtha and Indica Knox's dad Phil Corcoran have funded his trips overseas so far, but said because the couple had only recently moved to Tauranga and started a new business, this would not be able to continue forever.

"It's been really hard. We're putting all our money into our business but we want to set him up because surfing is his passion."

In the hopes of attracting sponsors, Miss Tregurtha has been hitting social media to get her son's name out there, and the couple have also set up a Givealittle page.

He is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and his following is growing daily.

"If lots of people see him and are blown away, sponsors might be more keen. We're getting his name out there."

He has also been filmed by a milk company for an ad in China.

"That's a huge achievement," Miss Tregurtha said.

Indica Knox has a child-sized surfboard made for him by Andy Jordan in Mount Maunganui and he was out on the water whenever there was surf.

The rest of the time, Miss Tregurtha said Indica Knox was on his skateboard.

"As soon as he wakes up, he's off skating, then as soon as there's surf he's out there."

Indica Knox is keen on competing in the Wahu Surfers Groms Comps at the Sunshine Coast in December and at the Gold Coast in January.

He is then aiming to get to a surfing and skating camp in April.