Tauranga Crossing

• The first phase of development at the complex included Pak'n Save, the Warehouse, Noel Leeming, Warehouse Stationery, ANZ, Eves Realty, HelloWorld, Hollywood Bakery, Looksharp, ProfessioNail, The Crossing Pharmacy, Sharing Shed, Hello Sushi, Pita Pit, Spice Traders and The Coffee Club.

The new Tauranga Crossing complex is unlikely to have much impact on existing retail hubs because of its different combination of businesses and outlets, say shopping centres.

The first phase of development at the complex included Pak'n Save, The Warehouse, and other big-box retailers, as well as a selection of food outlets and other businesses.
The first shops were due to open on September 15.

Greerton Village Mainstreet manager Sally Benning said people that shopped in Greerton Village were usually either locals or people visiting the centre because of its different offering of shops.

"Many of our locals are elderly, many with mobility scooters. I don't see them scootering off to The Lakes. Many of the people that shop here from outside Greerton come here because it's a different shopping experience - we have quite unique shops here that you don't find in any other shopping centres and malls."


Mrs Benning said her personal opinion was people would line up to visit the new centre when it opened, but most people would continue shopping at their local centres.

"I don't think it will have a serious impact on Greerton Village. Obviously we can't stick our heads in the sand and say it won't affect us, but at the same time, it's a positive thing coming to the area and gives people more opportunities."

Bethlehem Town Centre manager Andrew Wadsworth said the centre was a well-established, convenient outdoor shopping centre which was trading strongly.

"Tauranga Crossing will obviously provide another retail offering for Tauranga and is located 7.9kms from our centre, however following the recent redevelopment and the tenant mix on offer here we don't expect there to be any significant impact long term."

Bayfair Shopping Centre manager Steve Ellingford said it was fantastic for the region to see another retail offering coming online.

He said stage one of the development would probably not have much impact on Bayfair because of the different retail mixes between the two shopping centres.

"Going forward, looking at stage two and three, there may be an impact to some degree."

He said Bayfair had seen a positive last three years, and an extremely positive last 12 months.

Greg Simmonds, acting chief executive of Priority One, said each of Tauranga's shopping centres had its own unique community aspect.

"Greerton Village and Bethlehem Town Centre both have quite a unique proposition which reflects the needs of the communities they serve. I don't see any major impacts there.

"The CBD is becoming the commercial hub for Tauranga so I think it's positive to see this level of investment in the city."

Mr Simmonds said it was great to see investment being made in the region, especially with huge growth at Tauriko.

Mainstreet Tauranga spokeswoman Sally Cooke did not respond to multiple requests for comment.