The inaugural Mount Maunganui Bargain Bonanza was a huge success drawing thousands to the area.

The huge sale took place on Mount Maunganui Rd yesterday.

Mount Mainstreet manager Ingrid Flemming said the got people out and about.

"We had thousands of people up and down the street, the weather was great for us too which was great because the forecast was supposed to be bad."


The event was created to give everyone a bargain and all the Mount Mainstreet shops made a huge effort to make the most of the market day.

"They all brought the inside of their shops outside for the general public to get a bargain."
"It was definitely an opportunity for people to come into the Mount and have a great time, on otherwise quite a quiet day."

Mrs Flemming said they would be making the Bargain Bonanza an annual event.

"It was great to see that it worked well for lots of people on Sunday, compared with Saturday with people doing sports, and work commitments."

Mount Mainstreet's next event would be the Buskers' Festival on October 9, she said.