The Greerton Rotunda has found a new home at Greerton Village School.

As part of the new Greerton Library construction project a TCC-owned Rotunda was removed from the Village Green and stored.

A decision was made on Tuesday that that Rotunda would be relocated at the Greerton Village School.

"The relocation of the Rotunda to the Greerton Village School for school and public use is supported by Council, the school and Greerton Village Mainstreet.


"It is pleasing to see that the Rotunda will continue to bring enjoyment to the Greerton community for years to come", said Philip King, General Manager Community Services.

Greerton Village Mainstreet Manager Sally Benning was pleased that the Rotunda would have a new lease of life with its relocation to the Greerton Village School.

"This is a win-win situation for us all as we were very keen to see the Rotunda remain in use in Greerton Village for the events that we organise. This fitted in exactly with Greerton Village School who were very keen to house the Rotunda and continue to make it available for Community events, as well utilise it well for school activities".

The relocation costs were being funded through the Greerton Library project.

Discussions are also underway with Project Tauranga partners who may contribute funds or deliver a portion of the works.

The Ministry of Education would take care of the maintenance and operation of the Rotunda once it is installed at the school.

Greerton Village School were delighted that such a great community amenity was being reinstalled and that it was to be on the school grounds.

"We are a community school and, as the only green space in the centre of Greerton, it is perfect that the Rotunda should be here. We will make the most of it and will ensure that it continues to be highly valued", said Anne Mackintosh, Principal of Greerton Village School.